Pricing Manufacturers

With Prodikt, you as a manufacturer can easily access the specific data of your products, including climate impact, circularity, health and technical characteristics. In this way, you meet your customers' need to efficiently access data in digital and product-specific formats. At the same time, you will enable both ease of your own technical support and to be able to strengthen your differentiation in sales more easily.

Once your products are registered and made available in Prodikt, among others, the architect, contractor or property developer can make informed choices during the construction process. This makes Prodikt a common platform for construction industry players, your customers and stakeholders, regardless of the construction phase or the nature of the project.

Know your cost:
Choose the type of package
Number of products
Cost per year
Take control
500 € / år
Take control of your product-specific data on your own. However, we are always there for you in case of any questions!
Full service
3 500 € / år
Just the way it sounds! A Prodikt resource will configure, register and update your products on the platform. *
Maximum value
5 000 € / år
In addition to full service*, you enable the full power of using Prodikt in sales and communication.
Vendor account**
Technical Support
Digital Services Pro
Free number of users
5 products included
Prodiktresurs (Full service)
An annual sales training
200 €
Quote attachment with logo
Invoice document with logo
Common System Library
*Full service is valid for up to 250 products. **Each vendor account is country-specific.
Pricing table
Number of products
Annual cost per product
0-5 pcs
6-25 pcs
26-50 pcs
51-75 pcs
76-250 pcs
251 pcs +
! 0

Questions & Answers

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What does it cost?

You can find all prices on price page for manufacturers. There is no cost to access the product information.

How long does it take to get started?

It depends on your choice of registration options (manual, Excel, API). Manually takes about 2-30 minutes per product while Excel can take a few hours for hundreds of products. Regardless of your choice of method, your Prodikt Representative will help you get started during an introductory session.

What kind of data and documentation are needed?

At the time of introduction, the data and documentation that is either necessary, possible and/or recommended will be reviewed.

Does Prodikt assess products?

We do not make assessments of products. We focus on ensuring that the right product data is available so that informed decisions can be made throughout the construction process. Appraisals and certifications on products are part of the product information that is made available.

Anything else you're wondering?

Contact us and we will help you.