Value of products in Prodikt

When a product is made available in Prodikt, it becomes accessible to everyone, whether it is a user looking for products through the project tool in Prodikt or an operator who retrieves product data for sales purposes.

This is included

These digital services have the ability to save considerable internal resources related to the management and sharing of product data and technical support.


Automatic digitization and processing/processing of raw data into product-specific product data including sustainability performance. Internationally adapted, built on data templates for harmonized format and efficient consumption.


Adapted to the current regulatory framework and future directives. Versioning of each updated version of individual articles with traceability and unique generated URL.


Bring your product data to market and make it available to all your stakeholders. All processed data and documentation will be accessible through a free web-based interface and APIs.


Enables sharing of product data down to the stock level (raw data) free of charge for stakeholders selected by the manufacturer to view APIs. Controlled sharing of hundreds of data points per versioned article.

Making products available in Prodikt

Getting started with Prodikt, in order to make products available, requires filling out an application form in order for a supplier account to be set up. Then follows a smooth and educational registration process based on the below recommended steps.
Introductory meeting

We will review your needs and find the right solution for you.

Select products

Our pricing model supports everything from one product to thousands.

Register products

An easy-to-use border section and the ability to import (Excel/API).

Review and publish

When you are satisfied, you choose to make your products available to all our users of Prodikt.

We will help you!

If you as a manufacturer are unsure how you can work with your environmental and technical product information, we will help you. We have a dedicated team of experts who are specialists in Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Product Declarations and Business-Driven Sustainability.

Ready to get started?

You create a cost-free account right away to see how Prodikt works. After that, you can choose to join as a manufacturer.

Questions & Answers

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What does it cost?

You can find all prices on price page for manufacturers. There is no cost to access the product information.

How long does it take to get started?

It depends on your choice of registration options (manual, Excel, API). Manually takes about 2-30 minutes per product while Excel can take a few hours for hundreds of products. Regardless of your choice of method, your Prodikt Representative will help you get started during an introductory session.

What kind of data and documentation are needed?

At the time of introduction, the data and documentation that is either necessary, possible and/or recommended will be reviewed.

Does Prodikt assess products?

We do not make assessments of products. We focus on ensuring that the right product data is available so that informed decisions can be made throughout the construction process. Appraisals and certifications on products are part of the product information that is made available.

Anything else you're wondering?

Contact us and we will help you.