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Through full transparency and thorough control from pre-study to completion, the sustainability goals of the construction project can be easily and cost-effectively achieved.

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Discover the power of Prodikt for efficient construction projects and access to building materials manufacturers' environmental and technical data and documentation.

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Prodikt project tool

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights to drive sustainability in construction.


Work in organizations and teams during projects.


Create specifications (placeholders with generic data) and select products that meet the criteria.


Climate Declaration & Building LCA

Import (e.g. 3D model or calculation) and generate the building's climate calculation.


Product Database

Free access to the industry's broadest product database with productised climate impact, circularity, health and technical performance. The database contains both product data directly from the manufacturer and extensive range of generic products.

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By providing comprehensive product data combined with a powerful project tool, Prodikt enables a cost-effective fulfillment of the requirements and certifications set from the outset. From manufacturers to customers, everyone benefits from Prodikt.

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The Next Generation

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  • Optimised Building LCA

  • Analyze the entire project portfolio

  • AI-enhanced 3D import and visualisation

  • Automated Energy Module

  • Seamless compliance with specification

Discover the power of Prodikt

Work cost-effectively with the project tool and achieve sustainability goals for the project. We are happy to offer support during implementation to ensure that you achieve the desired effect in your sustainability work. Contact us directly and we will show you how the tool works, for example how to make a full climate calculation, to make your sustainability work as smooth and value-creating as possible.

"K2A has the real estate market's most aggressive climate goal, where the entire value chain must be climate positive by 2027. A challenge in this is that we also factor in the climate impact of our suppliers. Thanks to Prodikt, we can make demands on the suppliers and in this way contribute to achieving the goal. It is also valuable to have the opportunity to avoid climate impacts from new building products entirely by using recycling options."

Karina Antin

Sustainability Manager, K2A Fastigheter

"We at Beijer Byggmaterial build those who build, it includes that we want to have an offer of building materials and ancillary services that facilitate sustainable construction. By offering product data and sustainability-related services, we make it easier for our customers to make informed decisions, for example, and we broaden our customer offering."

Alexandra Rosenqvist

Environment and Sustainability Manager, Beijer Byggmaterial

"It is collaborations like this that help us achieve our climate goals. We know that our local adaptations account for the largest part of our emissions. By improving our way of doing climate calculations, we get a clearer picture of the impact different choices in the construction process have on the climate. It helps us make informed decisions and ultimately achieve our climate goals."

Michael Eskils

Sustainability Manager, AMF Fastigheter

"This collaboration means that together we are taking further steps towards more large-scale recycling. By connecting the platforms, we increase both the availability of and demand for circular products."

Carina Loh Lindholm

Coordinator, CCBuild

"We realized that it takes time for our customers to find relevant climate information for the particular product or products to be built into a project. In addition, information must be calculated to be comparable, the Cooperation Agreement enables us to help our customers already at the product selection but also to be able to support with quick climate calculations already at the quote stage."

Henrik Björk

Sustainability Manager, Optimera

"For us, it is obvious to work concretely to reduce our climate footprint. Through the collaboration with Prodikt, we get an overview of our carbon dioxide emissions, so it becomes clearer what we have to do to reduce it. Now we will be able to have control - from pre-study to the user phase, have an integration with our own product and system library and continuously be trained in this work."

Görel Hällqvist

Business Area Manager Project, Sveafastigheter

"A tool that easily takes me from transparent product selections to finished compilation!"

Maria Block

Architect, Blockark AB - Nominated for the Building & Construction Prize of the Year 2019

"We at Hunton experience Prodikt's tools complete for us as a supplier. We can use Prodikt internally in our sales processes but also use Prodikt as technical support where our customers can easily create their projects and quickly access all our documents and information at article level. We save time ourselves and can add value in all our dialogues with our customers."

Melker Mårtensson

District Manager - South East, Hunton

Prodikt Academy

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Take advantage of the large network of certified service partners and the knowledge they have in Prodikt. Prodikt trains and collaborates with several of the industry's sharpest in sustainable construction. Via Prodikt's Service partner program, they are available to you.